Chapter 28: Conspiracy Theories, What's the Story?

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This week on What's the Story? we break out the tinfoil hats and divert to a secret location as we talk conspiracy theories. Our guest is the brilliant and hilarious Gordon Rochford from the iTunes "Best of 2015" podcast, "Those Conspiracy Guys". We had a return to house keeping this week after a brief hiatus where Danny tells jokes, Lindsey asks about UFC 197, Mero talks Louis Theroux with Gordon and we briefly pay tribute to Lemmy, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Gordon then gives us an insight into the world of conspiracies where we talk about Madeline McCann and if there is more to the missing girl's story than meets the eye? Why were Kate and Gerry McCann named as suspects? Who or what is the "Tapas 9"? Are there unfounded allegations against the McCanns or is there something more sinister?We also talk Werewolves, Santa Clause and Bigfoot before moving onto some of the biggest conspiracies out there, September 11 and the assassination of the US President, John F. Kennedy. All of this and we barely scratched the surface! You can learn more and hear all the details on these, and many other conspiracies, on Those Conspiracy Guys' Podcast available on iTunes or on their website 

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