Chapter 30: Story with Lindsey's farewell?

By What's the Story? Podcast

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This week on What's the Story podcast, all the emotions are flowing as Lindsey announces that she will be departing WTSpod Towers for the foreseeable future. Despite being punched right in the feels, Danny & Mero soldier on to ensure Lindsey doesn't leave on bad terms and most importantly, that she doesn't leave without trying the famous spice bag. Did she like it? Did she hate it? Did she lob a load of curry sauce on it and ask for more? Besides the spice bag we hear about what's next for Lindsey as she prepares for her upcoming MMA fight in Belfast. We look at the US Presidential election and weigh up the Donald Trump factor. Danny attempts to explain the US presidential voting system and is probably way off the mark. We talk more documentaries with topics such as Crutzfeld-Jakob disease (CJD) and Kuru and are cows the main reason global warming is running amok? Lindsey brings up the "Alive" scenario and asks if we would eat each other to stay alive. Danny talks about the time he interviewed former Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Bertie Ahern and was left with egg on his face. Graham brings up the idea that impending general election in Ireland may not take place at the end of February because of the 6 Nations and Danny does everything he can to rubbish it. The concussion topic comes back again as the lads look at the Johnny Sexton issue and concussion in sport.All this and loads more besides, you can check out all our previous chapters on iTunes, stitcher and all podcast outlets, just search WTSpod. 

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