Chapter 31: What's the story with Mero & Danny?

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Coming to you from the beautiful surroundings of Fitzpatrick's Castle Hotel, Mero & Danny start their podcasting life without Lindsey and get use to their new location. Trump watch is back as the lads discuss Donald Trump's hair and presidential campaign. This leads to the question "is the world of politics as evil as House of Cards would suggest"? All the talk in Ireland is of the impending General Election so we talk about what we want from the people who want our votes. We also advise that we have approached a number of local politicians to come on WTSpod and tell you, the people, why they should vote for them. The Six Nations is upon us and Danny can't wait to spend his weekend staring at the gogglebox watching rugby. We have our now weekly discussion regarding concussion and in particular Irish fly-half Johnny Sexton who has a history of concussion issues. Nostalgia pays a visit as we talk about a hero of our childhood, Bret "The Hitman" Heart. The Hitman announced in the past few days he is battling prostate cancer so we lend our support and talk about our love of the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. This leads to talks of childhood memories and wrestling matches from years gone by, including the tragic circumstances of Owen Hart's death.  We also pick the winner of our Mark Baker / Conor McGregor competition. Remember to subscribe like and share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Check out our previous chapters on iTunes, Stitcher and all podcast directories just search WTSpod. What's the Story? Podcast is brought to you by Fitzpatrick's Castle Hotel, for more information on their award winning restaurant and luxury rooms, visit them at 

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