Chapter 44: Eurovision, What's the Story?

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It's the Eurovision extravaganza on WTSpod this week as we welcome Eurovision 1994 winner Charlie McGettigan and journalist / Eurovision expert Brian O'Reilly to Fitzpatrick's Castle for chapter 44.  Mero was reluctant to be involved in this chapter and Danny had to clamp his wheels to stop him leaving the studio.  Along with Paul Harrington, Charlie McGettigan is etched into Eurovision history with the song Rock 'n' Roll Kids. The song completed a historic three in a row for Ireland, a feat which has never been matched by any country in the Eurovision. We heard how Charlie and Paul came together and what life was like after winning the biggest song contest on the planet. From tea with the Taoiseach to jetting around Europe and the curious incident of the underpants and the BBC, there were some great stories from the last 22 years being shared.  Brian O'Reilly is the Social Media & Community editor with as well as Eurovision guru. From Sweden's selection process to a beef with Ireland's 1992 winner, Linda Martin, Brian is a man who knows all there is to know about the annual spectacle. Brian and Danny discuss their favourites from down the years and try convince Mero (and probably you) that Eurovision is quite simply, a way of life. We also talk about betting on the Eurovision and give our tips.  What's the Story? Podcast is brought to you by Fitzpatrick's Castle Hotel, check out 

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