Chapter 46: North Korea, What's the Story?

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This week on the award winning WTSpod Danny & Mero welcome author and film producer, Paul Fischer, to the podcast to discuss the maddest country on the planet, North Korea.  Paul's book "A Kim Jong Il Production: The extraordinary true story of a kidnapped film maker, his star actress and a young dictators rise to fame." documents the story of a set of daring kidnappings by the secretive state all in a bid to create some block buster movies in the name of North Korea.  The story of Choi Eun Hee, South Korea's most famous actress and her ex-husband, Shin Sang-OK has become the stuff of legend. Even today some people in South Korea don't believe it happened, and Paul explains the lengths he had to go to to convince Choi to meet him as she feared the North trying to take her once again.  From talking about the story in a pub to actually visiting the isolated country and being a tourist in Pyongyang, Paul Fischer's story and book can't be missed.  On top of this we have Mero talking about his recent experience of Darkness into Light and Danny has been trying to get Mero on First Dates Ireland.  Remember to rate, review, subscribe and share the love.  

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