Chapter 49: Alan Gernon, What's the Story?

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Its a summer of football in 2016 so Danny & Mero have hopped on the Euro 2016 bandwagon and got a football guest.  Alan Gernon is a comedian, sports writer for Boylesports and an author. His new book "Retired: What happens to footballers when the game is up?" has been getting great reviews both home and away. From George Hook to Neil Delamere and from Keys and Gray to the House of Commons, Alan has been in demand following the release of Retired and for good reason.  Bankruptcy, Divorce, health issues and prison are just some of the shocking outcomes for professional footballers when they hang up their boots. That might sound like hyperbole but Alan has some statistics to back it up, and they are shocking.  Nearly 50% of footballers face bankruptcy within 5 years of retirement. 33% will be divorced with a year of their playing days being up and up to 80% of retired ex pros suffer with osteoarthritis.  These are just some of the areas Alan has covered in his book.  Chapter 49 also includes Euro 2016, Football Manager, Summer BBQs, UFC 199, Muhammad Ali and lots more besides.  Please remember to rate, review and hit that subscribe button. 

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