Chapter 57: Sexologist Emily Power Smith

By What's the Story? Podcast

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Emily Power Smith is Ireland's only sexologist - she has Masters degree in sexology, was the resident sexologist on The Tubridy show on RTE radio for 2 years and is a practising therapist.  So what is sexology? Quite simply it is the scientific study of human sexuality - and with all of this in mind the two lads sat down with Emily to try and learn something about something that they clearly know nothing about.  Much like trying to normalise the discussion on mental health, people need to look at sexual health and talk about it more. From the serious to the silly this week talks about all areas of the world of sex and sexual study. From the need to improve sexual education for kids in school to people in their adult life struggling to identify with how they feel internally. From the Graham O'Dwyer case to the fetish world of furries and from sex toys to sex injuries, we try our best not to be childish and hear from the expert.  On top of all this, Danny's having a rough week with man flu and being attacked by a bee the size of bear and apparently Mero was in Australia before? 

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