Chapter 74: Adam Burke

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Adam Burke is one Ireland's finest comedians. A native of Bray (Bré) Co. Wicklow he launched The Hardy Har comedy club 8 years ago and it has become a favourite amongst comedy fans and comedians. He has played some of the best venues around the country and featured in comedy festivals that would make any joke writer blush, including launching the incredible Bray Comedy Festival which will run again in February 2017 for the third year running.  Ontop of all this Adam has been known to dawn some spandex and boots between the ropes as professional wrestler. He has been in the squared circle with legends like Dan Severen, current WWE Smackdown Women's champion Becky Lynch and of course, fellow Bray man and friend of the show Finn Bálor.  Be sure to check Adam's solo show "Adam Burke is Alive" on December 8th in the Hardy Har Comedy Club, Harbour Bar, Bray.    WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel -

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