Chapter 94: Ian Mahon

By What's the Story? Podcast

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Every so often the lads like to invite friends of the Borough into the studio at Fitzpatrick Castle and solve the world's problems.  This week Ian Mahon came to sit down and give us his take on how to look after everything inb the world, however, we got sidetracked early and often, solved nothing and instead ended up with Ian and Mero giving Danny a run through of how Tinder works.  Mero discusses why he isn't looking for commitment and that if a girl can't take his unrivaled passion for RTE programming then she will never be the love of his life.  As it's Easter we talk about easter eggs and comebacks that are better than Jesus. Mahoner tells us about his cat getting bullied and Mero gets the giggles as we try to finish the chapter which causes Danny and Mahoner to craic up.  WTSpod is turning 100! To celebrate this milestone we are having a live show in aid of Suicide or Survive, Thursday May 18th, Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. Special guests on the night and tickets are on sale now   

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