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This week the lads bring it all back home as they welcome another Borough legend to the podcast.  Ian Versey has been involved with Irish hip hop for over 10 years. As an emcee that has collaborated with a ton of people, Versey is a well versed veteran of the scene. While the standard of hip hop in America has long been the bar, the UK's Grime scene has become more popular than ever and over the last few years Irish emceeing has found its real voice. Versey tells us about his start in Dublin's Temple Theatre all the way to now, where the music is a passion and creating has to be balanced with a 9-5 and a family.  Mero tries his best to get Danny to rap and we spend way to long talking about chippers and the now infamous Spice Burger Famine of 2009.  WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more.  Tickets are available NOW for our live show at the first ever Dublin Podcast Festival. September 26, Workmans Club Dublin. Check out http://www.ticketmaster.ie/promo/61lbgx?tm_link=tm_arts_event1 for more. 

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