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Search engines can't index and uncover what was said in audio files, so your creations could easily get lost on the Internet. By turning your audio recordings into text, you're making it much easier for people to discover your content online.

To help with discovery, we set out to build the simplest, most effective way for audio creators to get more value out of their content... a toolkit that makes it dead-simple to grow your audience using auto-transcribed text.

Hmm. So what is Vocalmatic?

It's a platform that auto-transcribes any audio file into text, using the power of speech-to-text machine learning. You can then edit the text to perfection and reuse your transcription anywhere else online, like your blog, website, or social media accounts.

How does it work?

First, you upload your audio to our secure servers. The clearer the audio, the better the accuracy.

Once uploaded and your payment goes through, we’ll auto-transcribe your audio to text using A.I.

Finally, we'll email you a link where you can edit and polish your transcription to perfection!

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Transcribe with the audio playing on the same page - no more switching between audio file and word document!

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Vocalmatic is made for...


Spoken words in podcasts are trapped within rich media files such as audio. By auto-transcribing your podcasts into text, you're helping search engines index your content. This means more people can see and read what you're talking about!


A large chunk of a journalist's workflow is conducting interviews. Sometimes, a key quote will be said in their voice recordings and they want to find it. If journalists had a transcript of their interviews, it would make their life so much easier when they are trying to find the tidbits hidden inside the interview audio.

Auto-transcribing interviews could help you spend more time reporting and writing and less time transcribing!

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

If you're a student and you have lecture recordings that you'd like to turn into text, Vocalmatic can help. Doing so could help you with making more condensed notes to make studying for your exams much easier!

You may even be a research intern or a full-time graudate student researching that conducts a ton of interviews. Being close to your data and transcribing it with the help of Vocalmatic can let you focus more on your research and less time digging through your audio to find that one quote you want to write about!

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