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How does it work?

First, upload your audio to our secure servers

Second, Vocalmatic will convert your audio to text using A.I.

Finally, we'll email you a link where you can edit and polish your transcription to perfection!


Our goal is to simplify your workflow of transcribing audio to text. Here are some of the features of Vocalmatic to make that a reality:

110+ Languages Available

Do you have voice recordings in multiple languages? Choose from over 110 langauges and variants to convert your audio into text with

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Simple & Intuitive Editor

No more switching between audio player and text editor to transcribe your audio. Get all that you need to transcribe on one page!

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Shareable & Collaborative

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Share and Collaborate with others on a transcript to perfect it even faster!

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We've structured our pricing to fit your workflow and needs. Choose from Pay As You Go minute packages or high-volume monthly subscriptions, depending on how many audio files you need to transcribe!

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Get started with no-commitment minute packages starting at 60 Minutes for $12 USD

Monthly Subscriptions

Go with a subscription package, starting at 3 Hours for $29 USD / Month

High Volume Transcription

Enterprise transcription solutions for clients with high-volumes of audio! Plans start at $149 USD for 15 Hours of Automated Transcription

What is Automatic Transcription?

As the name implies, Automatic Transcription is the process of computers "listening" to audio recordings and returning an automatically generated transcript of what the computer "heard". It's very similar to what humans do when transcribing, but of course the difference is that it's a computer doing the transcription.

To make this possible, automatic transcription platforms like Vocalmatic are powered by Speech-to-Text Technology. It works by analyzing an audio recording second-by-second, determining what word is said at each second, and saving each word into a transcript of the audio recording. Once completed, a collection of words that the machine understood will be returned.

Benefits of Automatic Transcription

The biggest benefit of using Vocalmatic is that you can really cut down on the time it takes to transcribe an audio file into text. You'll be able to skip over the part where you sit down to listen and type out what you hear. Instead, you can use Vocalmatic to first turn your audio file into text, then you can go in an edit it to your liking.

Vocalmatic is perfect for...


Converting your podcasts into text can help you get discovered on search engines and widen your reach

Auto-Transcription For Podcasters


Turn your interviews and voice recordings into text for faster referencing and quoting in whatever you write about

Auto-Transcription For Journalists


Convert your lecture notes into text for better notes. Easily reference what your professor said in your recordings

Auto-Transcription For Students

...and many more!

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