In this post, I want to show you how you can automatically transcribe your audio into text for free using Vocalmatic.

When you register an account, you'll get 30 minutes of automatic transcription for free. It's pretty simple - let's quickly walk you through it!

Register for an account

Head to our registration page and enter your details. Info like first and last name, email, and password.


Verify your email

Once you've entered your registration info, we'll email you a verification link. Simply click it and you'll be able to login to your account.


View Your Account

Now that you've verified and logged into your account, you can start auto-transcribing! You should be on the account page, where you can get an overview of all your transcriptions, both pending and completed auto-transcriptions, and the total number of minutes remaining in your account for the month.

Since you just made your account, you won't have any transcriptions, so go ahead and click "Get Started Now" or "New Transcription" on the side.


Upload Your Audio File

On this page, you'll be greeted with a Dropzone upload and another overview of your account such as the minutes remaining on your account. Click on or drag and drop an audio or video file into the upload section and let the upload finish


Finished Uploading

Once the file has finished uploading, the summary on the right should be updated with the number of minutes you will be using and the number of minutes remaining in your account. If you're happy with the results, click submit and a final popup confirming the transcription will come up.


Submit for Auto-Transcription

Great! After you hit "Confirm and Submit", your audio file will be sent to our servers to be auto-transcribed into text. Sit back, grab a quick coffee and wait for the confirmation email which has a link to your transcription to be sent.


Start Editing and Perfecting your Auto-Transcription

After a few minutes, you should get a confirmation that your auto-transcription has completed. Simply click on the link or go to your Account page and find your completed auto-transcription.

On this page, you'll be able to play your audio file alongside the text and edit your transcription to perfection!


And that's it! In as little as 7 steps, you should get an auto-transcription of your audio file into text, ready for you to edit. If you want to get 30 minutes free, register for Vocalmatic here.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know on Twitter or shoot me an email at tom (at)