The Complete List of Online Transcription Software (2019)

Welcome to the transcription software list! We'll try to compile a complete list of transcription software that is available out there. All transcription software that we can find will appear on the list below!

In the future, we'll review the transcription software out there so you can get a much better idea of which ones will be perfect for your workflow. For now, enjoy the list and good luck!

The Best Automatic Transcription Software

Wondering what the best audio to text software is? Below is a list of the most popular automated transcription software services out there. All of them have a free trial (ie. free minutes for you to use) so you can give it a shot and see if it works for you!






The Best Manual Transcription Software

Here is a list of the best manual transcription software out there:


WReally Transcribe,


Express Scribe,

Tom Zaragoza

Tom Zaragoza

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