8 Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Meetings

8 Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Meetings

Meetings: We all have them, in some capacity or another. Some of us shuffle through one after another all day, every day. Others who don't spend as much time in them still find a meeting or two take up at least some of their 40 weekly working hours. But no matter how much time you spend in meetings, you've probably found yourself mourning their efficiency at one point or another. Who of us hasn't left a conference room thinking "Well that could have been an email!" at one point (or seven)?

Yes, meetings can be tedious, and if Joe wants to spend thirty minutes asking questions about a problem you already solved last week... well, there's not much we can do about that one. However! One way to drastically improve the meetings you still have to attend is to ensure that they're transcribed.

Here are the top ten reasons why transcribing your meetings can give their usefulness a huge boost:

Follow up on action items

Meetings are a great time to come up with a large list of things to do, assign people to do those things, and then have them immediately forget their tasks the second they leave the room. An easy way around this is by transcribing your meetings so you have a clear written list of your action items which can be easily followed up on.

Keep everyone in the loop

Especially with larger teams, someone may miss out on an important meeting. With a transcript, it's far easier to loop in your missing team members once they're back in the office.

Eliminate note-taking

Most meetings involve a lot of different people taking notes. Transcribe your meetings and eliminate the need for anyone to write down the minutes. This allows your whole team to stay present in the moment and not get distracted.

Provide a refresher post-meeting

It's so easy to leave a meeting and immediately forget what you've just talked about for the last 45 minutes. Transcriptions allow everyone the resource they need to refresh their memory whenever necessary.

Create consistency among your team

Transcribing talking points also ensures that everyone is on the same page - literally and figuratively. Having a written script of what you spoke about allows there to be more clarity after the meeting is over, improving communication for everyone involved.

Increase everyone's attention span

With meetings being recorded, participants feel more accountability to stay on topic than they would if you're just saddled in a room with a bunch of people, talking over each other and getting distracted. Knowing that a transcript of your meeting will exist allows your team to stay focussed while it's happening.

Create additional resources

One thing about collaborating with your team is that it often leads to change. Having a transcript of your meeting creates an incredibly easy way to transfer text-based information after the fact. Quickly update existing practices, old notes, or information that needs a quick refresh without having to write everything out again after your meeting has ended.

Transcribe efficiently with automated transcription software

Transcription provides all these benefits and more, but isn't typing an exact transcript of every meeting you have a ton of work? Well, it doesn't have to be! Create text-based copies of your meetings without lifting a finger using automated transcription software.

If you're ready to get started with automated transcription software for your meetings, visit us at Vocalmatic today!