Automated transcription software is a tool that Sales Teams can use in a variety of different ways. Using machine transcribed audio can benefit Sales by helping to improve selling tactics, saving time, and overall making the team more efficient.

While these are generally well-known benefits that the automation software can provide, there are many more that may not be the first to pop into your head. However, they can sometimes be the most constructive uses of automated transcriptions.

Here are 3 uses for machine transcribed audio that you may not have considered, but can give your entire Sales Team an upgrade:

Accessibility & Reach

Accessibility is a huge reason for anyone to use automated transcription software. Using machine transcribed audio to generate closed captioning can be used in a variety of ways and will help ensure all the content you create is accessible to all audiences. This can stretch from closed captioning demos to adding captions on a webinar, meaning that no matter how big or small your immediate audience is, it is inclusive to everyone. You are also able to easily create materials accessible to anyone who wishes to view it, and opening up new branches of potential clients is never a bad prospect for Sales. By automatically transcribing your sales calls you have the capability to generate repeatable written materials and processes that can be used to spark future leads, and without ever typing a word it's possible to generate text that can be distributed in other languages or even brail. Overall, automated transcriptions just opens up a whole new world of potential clients. How could you say no to that?

Data Collection

Automatically transcribed sales calls allow you to keep track of every word of a call without ever writing anything down. Having access to a tool like this allows you to get creative with what you do with that data. From call transcripts, it's easy to generate things like detailed customer profiles or scripts for future calls based on the information your leads provide you with. Compiling all this information can even be automated, meaning that you're seven steps ahead of your customers and able to provide them with exactly what they need without having to put in much (if any) effort.

Improved Time Off

While this may seem like a stretch, introducing Sales to automated transcription software may also improve other areas of their life outside of the workplace. Simple things like making a grocery list or organizing other aspects of ones personal life can take up a lot more time than you would expect, but machine transcribed audio can take the work out of these things as well. Making things easier for the people you work with will improve the time your team spends at home or on vacation, leaving less distractions when they get back to the office.

While there are many, many benefits of automated transcription software, the Sales world can be surprisingly impacted by the things you may not think much about to begin with. Improving these small, sometimes invisible things has the capability to give your Sales Team the boost you never knew you needed.