A new approach to the Vocalmatic Blog

I've been thinking lately about the type of content to write on this blog. There are some business blogs out there that I enjoy reading and find myself coming back to.

That's what I want Vocalmatic's blog to be for someone out there - a blog where people come back to because they care about what the authors write about.

Yes, it makes sense to write about tips and tricks on automatic transcription, but what I realized is doing so can only get you so far. I want to write about something I'm truly passionate about.

With that, I've decided to write about about online entrepreneurship. This can be anything from starting a profitable side-project, finding ideas for side-projects, the world of customer support, or even musings on digital marketing. Pretty much anything and everything there is about running or owning a digital asset that generates an income for yourself.

It's interesting because I thought about this before but never really got around to it. But that was almost 2 years ago.

A lot has happened since then and there are plenty of things to write about.

Let this be the official start to writing on entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy the ride!


Tom Zaragoza

Tom Zaragoza

I created Vocalmatic - an Automatic Transcription Platform. Lover of books and an impulsive domain name buyer. I also write here: https://tomzaragoza.com

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