Creating Scalable Audio Marketing Content

Creating Scalable Audio Marketing Content

In a rise of popularity over the last decade or so, audio content has become more consumed than ever. Podcasts, audiobooks, and even a revival of interest in radio have all been increasingly popular pastimes to engage with.

With more active users than ever it makes sense that Marketing teams are utilizing these channels to their advantage. Using existing audio content or even making your own is a great way to immerse your brand into the everyday life of consumers. After all, we've all at least looked into - if not purchased - something advertised on our favourite podcast, right?

Audio content can be used as a tool for Marketing in a variety of different ways, but if your team chooses to go ahead with these avenues it's important to plan carefully for them. You wouldn't base an entire growth strategy off of maybes; you want to apply the best tools and resources you have to guarantee success.

You can make a huge difference in the quality of your audio marketing content by using machine transcribed audio software. Here are a few key benefits that audio transcription of your content provides:

  1. Indexed Audio
    By accompanying your audio with text you create searchable content that has a vastly farther reach than audio alone. This increases the ways in which you can use these materials and even bumps up the quality of the final product.
  2. Enhanced SEO
    Marketing through search engine optimization doesn't have to be unsuccessful when it comes to sound. With a text copy of your audio files you can easily create optimization for your audible-only marketing components and ensure you have the maximum reach possible with this format.
  3. Voice Recognition Capabilities
    The rise of voice-activated tech is even more prominent than that of podcasts. Created a text-based accompaniment to your audio is a great way to ensure your content can still be optimally found by voice recognition searches.
  4. Available Context
  5. Diminished Repeat Work
  6. Expanded Accessibility