Quick aside: Going through this exercise, what I realized is I'm not the best at writing every day - it's definitely a habit I need to get into. Maybe I can use voice instead? Hmm...

Anyway, welcome to the last batch of days of using Google Assistant! If you haven't read about my 21 day challenge yet, have a look at where it started here.

In a subsequent post, I'll summarize how I felt about using voice as much as possible in my day to day life.

But for now, here is a quick run down of what happened in the last 8-9 days of using Google Assistant.

Starting to turn it into a habit

Over the course of 21 days, my mind has switched over to performing voice search wherever possible.

What I found with voice search in general is it saves a lot of time for simple types of queries.

Instead of having to open up Chrome and type in my search query, I just say "Hey, Google", or "Ok, Google", say my question, and Assistant will send back the results.

Then, if Google Assistant is able to read back the results, I can get back to doing other things on my phone while I listen to the results.

In summary, quite a bit of searching

Aside from asking what the weather is in degrees Celsius (seriously, how do you change this?), I've asked Google Assistant about things like what is a flounder fish and to play certain songs on Spotify.

Sometimes, if the results aren't what I look for, I resort to searching by typing into Google and digging in deeper. But for the most part, most of my queries are solved by asking Google Assistant!


This was a very short summary of the past days about how I used Google Assistant. In the next and final post of the series, I want to summarize my entire experience with using Google Assistant - everything from how I felt, the quality of the results I got back, and where I see Google Assistant going from here on out.

'til next time!