Embed Your Transcripts Anywhere

Embed Your Transcripts Anywhere

After you've used Vocalmatic to automatically transcribe your audio recordings, you can now embed them anywhere online. Whether it's a blog post or your website, as long as you can place HTML code, you can embed your transcript.

Here are the steps to enable and embed your automated transcript anywhere online.

How to enable Public Embeds

After you've logged into your account,

Click the gear icon next to the transcript you want to make public:

On the next screen, Click the green "Turn On Public Embed" button:

Confirm that you want to Turn On Public

Once you've confirmed, you can view the embeddable code:

Simply copy and paste the code wherever you can put HTML and your transcript will appear on the page. See below for an example!

If you need any help setting this up, you can contact me here.