Video is everywhere nowadays. Whether you're posting a video on social media or creating for YouTube, it's one of the best mediums for reaching your audience.

If you've thought about reaching everyone with your videos, especially those with hard-of-hearing, you might have come across the idea of creating captions for your videos.

You can do this manually or you can use automatic captioning software to help you generate an SRT file, which you can then edit!

In this post, we'll show you how to auto generate an srt formatted file from your videos using Vocalmatic.

(Just a heads up, you will need an account on Vocalmatic to get started. When you register, you can automatically transcribe up to 30 minutes of your video for free! Register here.)

Step 1: Upload your video

On the upload page, choose "Video" as the file type that you are going to upload:

Select "Video" for your filetype

Step 2: Upload your video

Upload the video you would like to automatically generate captions for. Simply click the square that says "Click to select your video file"  to start uploading:

Upload your video to Vocalmatic

Step 3: Select the language

Select the language the video is recorded in. (FYI: For now, we only support English, but more languages are coming!)

Step 4: Select SRT for the Transcription Format

Next, select "SRT" as the format you would like the transcription to be created in.

Step 5: Submit!

After you've selected all the right settings and the video has uploaded, you can submit your transcription to be made!

What to do when the auto-transcription finishes

Once you get an email notification for the completion of the video to text conversion to SRT, you will be given a link which will take you to the page to edit the transcription.

Here's what the transcript edit page looks like:

SRT Caption file example

On the left you get the automatically generated SRT format of the video and on the right you get the video along with playback controls.

Once you've finished editing the SRT transcript on the left, click on "Text" under Export to export the file. When it's downloaded, just rename the file to end it .srt and it will be ready to use!

Convert SRT to Other Subtitles / Captions

After you have your SRT file, you can use our Subtitle Converter to convert your SRT file into other subtitle formats.

We support various formats such as vtt, smi, and dfxp. You can use our Chrome extension as well if you'd like!