We all know that automatic transcription isn't perfect. Sometimes it can pick up what is said perfectly, but other times it's just plain wrong.

To celebrate the sillyness that is machine transcribed audio, we decided to start a blog series on funny transcriptions we find people post on social media!

Maybe with the current situation of COVID-19 forcing everyone to work from home, there will be many interviews and meeting recordings that will get transcribed automatically. I'm willing to bet there will be some nuggets in there of machines transcribing the darndest things.

To kick things off, here are a few transcription blunders to get the laughs going!

That's right, your inner 5 year old is laughing at this one

Now, I don't know what transcription software he is using, but I'm pretty sure any software out there will run into this exact problem.

But at the same time, can you really blame the machines?

With the difference in sound of "P" and "E", along with maybe a bad microphone, the software might just go "eh" and stick to the word "pee"!

Yes, Santa does a lot. But he should ALSO help solve organized crime problems in sports.

Who you gonna call? Call Santa!

What? You're telling me you didn't know that the North Pole also handled crime around anti-doping?

Yes, Hi, this is Katelyn Potato speaking.

This one might be my favourite one this week. It's the perfect storm.

The fact that she was calling in to an Irish bar makes this funny. But I can't get over the fact that she re-iterated her name and the automatic transcription picked up on potato yet again.

I wonder what her real last name actually is?

Thanks for reading!

Short and sweet. Have you found any funny tweets talking about transcription mistakes? Are you the victim of machines really mis-transcribing your content?

Let us know and we'll be happy to share!