Why Your Sales Team Can't Afford to Wait to Start Using Automated Transcriptions

Why Your Sales Team Can't Afford to Wait to Start Using Automated Transcriptions

There's no denying that implementing new procedures, especially across a whole team, can be tricky. We all know that making changes even at an individual level can be a big pain in the you-know-what, let alone deciding that everyone else in your department has to be on board too.

Automated transcription software is useful to any Sales team for a plethora of reasons, but sometimes the idea of making a change can be intimidating and uncomfortable. This can cause entire departments to hold off on using it just to avoid initial objections that arise.

However, automated transcriptions are incredibly beneficial to the entire Sales team, and making the change to implement using them will be less painful than you think. If you're hesitant, here are the most common objections to making the switch and why they're not as distressing as they seem:

1. Time

Objection: "It takes too much time to learn a new software."

Counterpoint: While it does take some time to learn new software, the benefits truly do outweigh the time it takes to learn them. Time you'll save by using automatic transcriptions is far greater than the short time it takes to get used to using them.

2. Efficiency

Objection: "Switching up our process will throw everyone off their game."

Counterpoint: Much like your concerns about the time it takes to start using a new tool, efficiency is also a valid concern. However, some slight initial turmoil is nothing compared to the long-term effects this will have for your Sales team. Decreasing your efficiency for a week in order to improve it immensely over the next year is just as valid, and it seems like an obvious tradeoff when you consider that. Besides, this could be team-wide practice in remaining adaptable, keeping your team limber and flexible.

3. Effort

Objection: "It's too much work to teach the team how to use a new software."

Counterpoint: While it may be slightly more effort than your used to in order to implement changes to your Sales team's routine, the initial period of adjustment is really quite short, and once it's over your team is going to have way more capacity that can be used for selling instead of other menial tasks simply by having access to this tool.

4. Cost

Objection: "Software is expensive, why should I have to budget for yet another tool?"

Counterpoint: There are plenty of cost-effective options to use that won't force you to rearrange your annual budget. You can also make use of free trials to ensure this is the product for you, and (just like all our other objections) for Sales, the price is worth what your team will be gaining.

5. Data

Objection: "There isn't enough data available for me to justify purchasing yet another new software."

Counterpoint: While all these other points are valid reasons to vigorously research your next software purchase, this one is ...well, more of a straight-up lie. That's right, it's time to stop lying to yourself and face the truth! There is so much data out there on how machine transcribed audio can benefit you and the rest of your Sales team, all you need to do is review it.

There are always a ton of reasons to put something off until the last minute, but you know what we call those reasons? Excuses! And you know what we call using them to postpone doing something that will benefit you in the long run? We call it procrastinating. Don't be the last team in your network to have access to the many, many benefits of automatic transcriptions - sign your team up for Vocalmatic today!